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Research Projects

Development and validation of an operating room orientation educational programme for Novices

Development and validation of augmented reality headsets for remote operating assisting in a low resource setting.

Does location affect time to treatment of brain tumours and what is the impact on outcomes

Does the molecular profile of a brain tumour affect the extent of resection?

Does using intraoperative fluorescent imaging improve resection outcomes

Evaluation of a stress reduction programme for active surgeons using wearable technology.

Evaluation of treatment outcomes following aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage: a prospective audit

Factors affecting low back pain and its impact on sleep quality

Intake 24: Building dietary advice into dental practice

Intake 24: Building dietary advice into dental practice

Literature Review re Decompressive Craniectomy QOL

Literature review re Ophthalmological Outcomes in treated and untreated cavernous sinus aneurysms

Open-label randomised controlled pilot study investigating human milk oligosaccharides supplementation effects in preterm neonates

Paediatric Spina Bifida treatment outcomes

Patient, carer, and clinician's perception on Quality of Life in Decompressive Craniectomy for Middle Cerebral Artery Stroke

Quality improvement project for MMAE and SDH clinic set up

Radiological predictors of recurrent GBM – Literature review, +/- retrospective review

Review of Stem cells as a therapy for Ischemic stroke (focus on homing molecules)

Review of the impact of Blockchain technology on Neurosurgery in the future