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Research Projects

A comparison of the outcomes of the surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation utilising radiofrequency, cryotherapy or high intensity focused...

A Multicentre comparison of techniques in collagenase in the management of Dupuytrens disease

An exploratory safety study of 480 biomedical mometasone furoate sinus drug depot [MFSDD] in adult patients with chronic sinusitis

ANZSCTS Victorian Cardiac Surgery Database project - development of a risk adjustment model for outcomes of cardiac surgery and the assessment of...

Collagenase and wound healing in Dupuytren's disease

Comparing Salivary Pepsin Measurement to 24-hour Dual Probe Oropharyngeal/Oseophageal pH/Impedance monitoring in patients with a clinical diagnosis...

Cryptococcal infection of the larynx associated with high dose inhaled corticosteroid use

CT scan vs bronchoscopy in foreign body detection in children

Development of a management algorithm for the contemporary management of Dupuytren's disease

Development of a technique using the Kinect system and 3D to assess proprioception following anterior shoulder stabilisation

Effect of Mepolizumab in severe bilateral nasal polyps

Effects of local anaesthesia with pudendal block for transperineal prostate biopsy

Efficacy, safety and outcomes using Collagenase for the treatment of Dupuytren's disease

Fat Necrosis in The DIEP Flap: A Perforasome-Based Analysis

Fatigue, anxiety and cognitive evaluation following elective neurosurgical procedures - a prospective multi-centre study

Free hand transperineal [TP] prostate biopsy

Inter-individual variation in the anatomy of the trapezium: the role for imaging and 3D printing

Long term post-surgical outcomes for pharyngeal pouch-endoscopic stapling vs open surgery

Longer term evaluation of the outcomes following the use of Orthokine [interleukin-1 inhibitor] injections for shoulder joint osteoarthritis

Loop Gain Predicts Surgical Response