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Research Projects

3D Printing For Patient Education and Teaching

A collaborative study with engineering assessing sitting with novel technology and its effect on spinal health

A comparison of the outcomes of the surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation utilising radiofrequency, cryotherapy or high intensity focused...

A Multicentre comparison of techniques in collagenase in the management of Dupuytrens disease

A multicentre prospective registry for endoscopic skull base surgery for the management of pituitary and skull base tumours

A randomised, unblinded multicentre trial - the effects of post-operative lumbar drainage on CSF leakage and meningitis following extended endoscopic...

A review of the accuracy of EUS FNA in pancreatic tumours: comparing adenocarcinoma to neuroendocrine malignancy

A single blinded, multicentre, randomised controlled trial. Lumbar microdiscectomy and post-operative activity restrictions

An audit of bile culture result from bile obtained at major HPB resections

An ERAS protocol for perforated duodenal ulcer - a prospective trial

An exploratory safety study of 480 biomedical mometasone furoate sinus drug depot [MFSDD] in adult patients with chronic sinusitis

An International, multicentre prospective registry for the management of metastatic spine tumours {MTRON]

ANZSCTS Victorian Cardiac Surgery Database project - development of a risk adjustment model for outcomes of cardiac surgery and the assessment of...

Characterisation, modelling and development of high precision cooperative multi-arm manipulation system for constrained environments [collaboration...

Collagenase and wound healing in Dupuytren's disease

Comparing Salivary Pepsin Measurement to 24-hour Dual Probe Oropharyngeal/Oseophageal pH/Impedance monitoring in patients with a clinical diagnosis...

Comparison of Outcomes of Anatomical and Reverse Shoulder Replacements

Complications of Implant Arthroplasty for Basal Thumb Arthritis

Conservative management of unruptured intracranial aneurysms in the elderly - a collaborative Victorian Hospital Audits

Cryptococcal infection of the larynx associated with high dose inhaled corticosteroid use