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Research Projects

Ureteric Amyloid Obstruction

Use of Patient Specific Products in Maxillofacial Reconstruction: An Anatomical and Clinical Study

Use of the 4D CT Scan to Assess Glenoid Tracking in Patients with a Tight Posterior Capsule

Utilisation of Doppler‐guided haemorrhoidal arterial ligation (HAL‐RAR) for haemorrhoidectomy: a prospective cohort study

Utilisation of KCI VAC dressing in faecal peritonitis to reduce HITH requirements post closure: a randomised control trial

Ventral rectopexy

Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology for Operative Planning in Reconstructive Surgery

Vocal fold movements with 320-slice CT and advanced Parkinson's Disease

[TOPP] Tonsillectomy outcome measurement as standard of care in the paediatric population