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Research Projects

The effect of intraoperative cholangiography on post operative LFTs - a randomized trial

The effect of patient position on ERCP - a randomised trial

The effect of the introduction of the Acute Surgical Unit on the treatment of patients with acute cholecystitis and biliary colic

The era of superselective angioembolisation for acute gastrointestinal bleeding

The feasibility and efficacy of 3D printed patient specific trapezial implants in treatment of base of thumb arthritis

The Monash Apnoeic Oxygenation Study-Factors Influencing the Apnoeic Oxygenation Technique and its Impact on Upper Airway Surgery

The MORPh trial. Monash Outpatients review by phone - a prospective trial

The natural history of autoimmune pancreatitis - description of a cohort at Monash Medical Centre

The primigravida and anal incontinence: how well do primigravidas understand the risk of anal incontinence after childbirth?

The relationship between vocal load, inflammation and the development of benign laryngeal pathologies

The Role of the Laserjet Procedure in the Young Contact Athlete Outcomes Following Anterior Shoulder Stabilisation

The systemic absorption of cocaine and the effect on depth of anaesthesia using intranasal atomised modified Moffat's solution prior to...

The use of intraoperative interventions for preventing ventilation tube blockage: a randomised controlled trial

Three dimensional biomodellling, 3D printing and 3D templating for preoperative planning in reconstructive surgery

Transitional cell carcinoma [TCC] database

Transrectal ultrasound [TRUS] biopsy pain relief

Treating advanced Dupuytren's disease with minimally invasive techniques

Trials of sutureless bioprosthesises for valve replacement in the aortic position

Understanding respiratory compromise in the first post-operative night after adenotonsillectomy - the contribution of continuous oximetry recordings

Understanding the effect of Upper Airway Surgery on Obstructive Sleep Apnoea