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Research Projects

RCT-Paediatric tonsillectomy outcomes [Microline ENT Ceps vs standard]

Reducing delays in aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage: the REDDISH study [NHRMC grant - collaboration with Royal Hobart Hospital]

Research ethics in surgery and the consent process

Responsiveness of benign vocal fold lesions to loading

Review of renal tumours radiofrequency ablation [RFA] outcomes

Review of staging prior to oesophagectomy - The Australian Experience

Robotic cardiac surgery - clinical application, early follow-up of results; robotic, micromanipulation and nanotechnology research in association...

Sacral versus epidural neuromodulation for interstitial cystitis

SAVES-N: A prospective adverse event reporting system for neurosurgical cases

SAVES-N: A prospective adverse event reporting system for neurosurgical cases

Sensitivity and Specificity of 4 Methods of Shoulder Assessment in the Stiff Painful Shoulder

Serum Vitamin D levels in chronic rhinosinusitis patients: a prospective controlled study

Shoulder: Correlation and Validation of Shoulder Scoring Between Medical Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Patient Self Assessment

Shoulder: Growth Factors Associated with Adhesive Capsulitis

Sleep apnoea and tongue reduction surgery

Stem cells for perianal fistulas: a prospective trial

Surgical and quality of life outcomes for outcomes for endoscopic cricopharyngeal myotomy and pouch repair

Surgical simulation: workshops improve medical student confidence in surgical skills and increase surgical career interest

Systemic effects of laryngeal serial intra-lesional steroid injections [SILSI] in subglottic stenosis

The differences between rural and urban patients with regards to bladder cancer detection and treatment