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Research Projects

Correlates of physical activity and brain structure in mid life in the UK Biobank

Differences in physical activity predict differences in cognition between twin pairs discordant for diabetes

Dupuytrens disease patient-reported outcomes and a new treatment paradigm - multicentre study

ECG changes with coronary contrast injection as a marker of coronary microvascular dysfunction

This project aims at improving sleep evaluation in intenisve care unit.

Exploring artificial intelligence in vascular imaging for free-flap reconstructive surgery

Google based geospatial mapping of primary care uptake in patients with stroke

Google-based geospatial mapping of hospital readmissions - towards identifying "hot spots"

Non-invasive volume clamp measurement of cardiac output - reliability studies

Rehabilitation in elective surgery

This project will use a large database of older people living in the community at risk of falls with a personal emergency alarm system. This project...

Examining the uptake and use of Medicare items in the long-term management of patients with stroke using linked data from 25,000 patients...

This project evaluates a new device for evaluating critical illness induced muscle weakness

Virtual and augmented reality in surgical training and patient education