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Reporting of primary care research - how can we do better?

CRISP - Consensus Reporting Items for Studies in Primary Care. Primary care is the setting where most medical services are provided to most patients for most problems. Primary care research seeks to understand patients and their problems; health and illness as it occurs in communities; the process of care; clinicians, team members and systems of care in the primary care setting. Primary care research involves investigators from a broad variety of disciplines and research traditions using the full spectrum of methods. Results of their work are published in a wide variety of journals and presented to diverse audiences. Primary care research must meet high scientific standards. Reporting and dissemination of its results must meet the needs of researchers, practitioners, educators, policy makers, patients and communities. There is a need to improve the reporting of primary care research to assure explicit, transparent reporting of essential items, including description of patient populations, clinician characteristics, engagement of patients and communities, research design, measure validation, study implementation, analysis and application. Adequate reporting of the research done in, on or about primary care can help make it useful in improving the care, health and lives of all. As with patient care, clinician training and service organization, guidelines developed by more limited specialists with more focused points of view may not be appropriate or applicable for primary care research. This is a broad research topic that also involves collaboration with international research colleagues. There are multiple opportunities for students to engage with us on this topic. For example, a question that we have is what so patients think about how primary care research is reported? Where do patients get the information they need? We would be very interested in working with students from diverse disciplines. Our Research Environment As a research student in the Department of General Practice you will have access to supervision from international and national leaders in primary care research and education in a supportive and collaborative research environment. Research students are linked with a research group working within one of our areas of research excellence and able to draw upon expertise from across the department to support quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research. You will have opportunity to develop primary care research skills and understanding of ethics through workshops and seminars while gaining exposure to a wide variety of primary care research methods and topics through attendance at a weekly Departmental academic seminar series. An active early career research group provides a structure for informal support and learning amongst peers. Visit our website ( to find out more about the opportunities and support for research students in General Practice.
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General practice, primary care, research reporting, information technology management, guideline development
School of Primary and Allied Health Care » General Practice
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Masters by research
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Notting Hill Campus
William R. Phillips

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