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Pregnancy-associated Stroke

Pregnancy-associated stroke (is an uncommon condition affecting 0.02% pregnant patients. It is an important condition as maternal death from stroke occurs in 7.7% of cases. In contrast to nonpregnant women, in whom 87% of strokes are ischemic, the frequency of ischemic stroke was much lower for ischemic stroke (43%) with higher frequencies of intracranial haemorrhage (41.9%) and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVT) (17.4%). Hypertensive disorder of pregnancy is a common thread linking these different causes of stroke. A brief summary of the topic can be found at This project is an audit of pregnancy-associated stroke over 10 years at Monash Health. The learning objectives will be developing skills in tidy data and creation of database. The student will learn statistical methods for analysing this dataset. At the end of the project, the student will be encouraged to write a manuscript for submission to peer-review journal. The student will need to learn R or Python.
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stroke, pregnancy, eclampsia, registry, hypertensive disorder of pregnancy
School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health / Hudson Institute of Medical Research
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Monash Medical Centre Clayton

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