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Mapping the Human Connectome

The human brain is a complex network comprising billions of neurons connected by trillions of synapses. Understanding how interactions unfolding on this web of connectivity underlie behaviour is one of the major scientific challenges of our time. Several different projects are on offer that allow students to explore different aspects of brain connectivity and network organization in a large cohort (>450 people) of health individuals. Potential projects include: - Relating brain network connectivity to variation in sub-threshold psychiatric symptoms to test the continuum model of mental illness - Linking genetic variation to brain network organization - Linking patterns of gene expression to brain network organization - Mathematical modelling of brain network structure and function Students will develop skills in using matlab, analysing brain imaging data, and will enhance their neuroscience expertise.
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brain; MRI; network; gene; connectivity; systems neuroscience; mathematical modelling; computational neuroscience
School of Psychological Sciences
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Masters by research
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Clayton Campus

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