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Improvement of mzMine, a software package for metabolomic data analysis

MzMine is a software package that is both free and open source. It is one of several packages that is heavily used by the metabolomics community for processing data from LC-MS experiments. Although first published in 2006, the research community has remained active in updating and developing new features with the most recent update being in April this year. Nevertheless there remains significant scope to both contribute new features to MZmine as well as improve the implementation of existing functions. These include, but are not limited to: 1) creation of a batch builder GUI 2) implementation of spectral matching of ms/ms data 3) development of peak integration algorithms 4) implementation of new graphical views for peak integration and alignments
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metabolomics, lipidomics, mass spectrometry, programming, coding, bioinformatics, software, mzMine
Biomedicine Discovery Institute (School of Biomedical Sciences) » Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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15 Innovation Walk
Christopher Barlow

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