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Impact of Clinical Handovers on the Anatomy Laboratory

Aim 1: Identify the impact of the anatomic handover on Australian medical student’s perception of anatomy? Aim 2: How do anatomy conversions of clinical handovers translate into clinical handovers? A mixed methods approach using qualitative and quantitative research methods will be used to undertake this project. Students will be evaluated both in situ (within the anatomy classroom) as well as in a standardized environment. Qualitative data will be collected through video recording observations of students undertaking both anatomical and clinical handovers (in both above described scenerios). Interviews will be conducted with students (both prior to and following the handover experiences), and audio diaries of their experiences to evaluate the longitudinal impact of the anatomic handover. Students will, additionally, be divided into two groups (electively for ethical purposes) — one group of students will watch the correct performance of patient handovers prior to performing handovers themselves, and the other group will not. Both groups will progress through their coursework and data will be collected from each group as described. Quantitative data will be collected through student surveys of their perceptions of the handover process and their colleagues’ handover efficacy. Additionally, data from clinical faculty evaluating student’s clinical and anatomic handovers will be collected. Alignment between student and faculty stakeholders will be evaluated. Together, this mixed methods approach will allow for deep and holistic understanding of a critical aspect of patient care which is oft poorly executed, putting healthcare at risk.
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anatomy, education, anatomy and developmental biology, clinical, medicine, education research, science education, science education research
Biomedicine Discovery Institute (School of Biomedical Sciences) » Anatomy and Developmental Biology
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