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Imaging the claustrum connectome

This is a unique opportunity to look at an area of the brain whose function is almost completely unknown. This project will involve exploration of the structural and functional connectivity of the claustrum, a poorly understood, but highly interconnected, area of the primate brain. The student(s) involved in this project will work with MRI data obtained through high magnetic field strength imaging (4.7 - 9.4 T) from post-mortem marmoset brains (the work is performed on archived tissues, and no direct animal contact will be involved for this project). Using connectomic approaches, diffusion tensor imaging (a method for tracing axonal connections in the brain), and comparisons with connectional maps acquired through standard neuronal tracer methods. The main goal of this approach is to understand whether the claustrum is a component of one or more functional brain networks.
Essential criteria: 
Minimum entry requirements can be found here:
Brain, imaging, neuroscience, learning, memory, sensory systems, physiology, MRI
School of Rural Health
Available options 
Masters by research
Time commitment 
Top-up scholarship funding available 
Physical location 
Monash Biological Imaging facility
Gang Zheng

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