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A first photochromic regulator of stem cell differentiation

Stem cells are pluripotent cells that can be differentiated into many different cell types and that harbour enourmous technological and medical potential. The overall goal of this project is to establish a new approach to regulate stem cell differentation using light as a synthetic signal. The group has recently developed a chemical molecule that acts as a potent differentiating agent of human stem cells but that, unlike any other known agent, can be reversibly (in-)activated by light. The specific aims of this project are to characterize this first photochromic regulator of stem cell differentiation and to apply it towards novel cell state and cell fate experiments. Please also refer to our website for more information.
Essential criteria: 
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Stem cells, retinoic acid, optogenetics, optical control, pluripotency
Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI)
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Masters by research
Graduate Diploma
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15 Innovation Walk

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