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Evaluating person-centred care in a real-world randomised control trial to reduce the risk of cognitive decline in healthy community-dwelling adults.

Description: BetterBrains is an evidence-based, online, person-centred, behaviour change coaching program to help reduce the risk of cognitive decline in healthy adults (40-70 years) at risk of future dementia. Person-centred care is a core component of the program as it is a foundation to safe, high-quality healthcare that respects and is responsive to a person’s needs, values and preferences. Providing person-centred care has been shown to improve treatment compliance, reduce program attrition, improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs as well as optimise clinician and patient experience and satisfaction in relation to healthcare delivery. The effectiveness of the BetterBrains program is currently being evaluated through a real-world randomised controlled trial. During this process, it is important the BetterBrains clinicians implement person-centred care as per protocol to best determine whether program outcomes are due to the program design or rather than how the program was implemented. The BetterBrains coaches will be trained clinicians and are an integral component to the implementation and success of the BetterBrains program. This project evaluates the implementation of person-centred care by the BetterBrains clinicians to understand program fidelity (implementing a program as per protocol). The evaluation will include an analysis of clinician-participant consultations using the Rochester Participatory Decision Making Scale (RPAD). Evaluation will also include assessing the use of motivational interviewing by coding clinician-participant transcripts. Results will then be used to highlight how the program is being implemented and how it may be improved to better program outcomes and impact.
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cognitive decline, evaluation, behaviour change, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, prevention, person-centred care, program adherence, fidelity, motivational interviewing
School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
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553 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne (adjacent to The Alfred)
Stephanie Pirotta

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