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Diabetes prevention program implementation in primary care for high risk women

Women with gestational diabetes Have a very high risk of conversion to type to diabetes soon after pregnancy. They require regular screening of glucose levels and preventative lifestyle interventions. However this really occurs and prevention opportunities are lost. This leads to adverse health outcomes for women and babies in subsequent pregnancies and adverse long term health outcomes for women. We have a large scale NHMRC Grant in implementing evidence based granny and lifestyle programs into primary care. There is an opportunity for a PhD student to be in bedded at the front line in this project learning skills in integrating maternity care with postpartum primary care, randomised controlled trials, implementation research, and primary care research in women’s health. The student would join a thriving internationally leading multidisciplinary women’s health team working across clinical care and research. We have 45 PhD students from broad areas of expertise and provide mentoring support and a high quality PhD experience.
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Diabetes prevention, primary care, Randomised controlled trials, implementation research, women’s health, pregnancy, primary care, lifestyle
School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
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Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), Clayton
Siew Lim

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