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Development of a novel photo-angioplasty device for occlusive peripheral vascular disease

Our project aims to evaluate a new light-activated medical device, Lumi-Solve, for the safer and more effective treatment of vascular disease. Drug eluting balloon (DEB) angioplasty represents an exciting advance in the treatment of arterial re-narrowing commonly observed after narrowed blood vessels are opened with balloon angioplasty. We have designed and developed a new DEB device termed Lumi-Solve, which targets drug delivery and activation specifically to the surface of a re-narrowed blood vessel, at the time of balloon deployment, utilizing Swiss fibre-optic technology. Lumi-Solve affords the opportunity for provision of a safer and more efficacious treatment option. Prototype devices have been produced and animal feasibility studies initiated. Our research plan will evaluate the safety and efficacy of Lumi-Solve in a large animal model of arterial re-narrowing, previously established in the laboratory, with a view to commencing human trials shortly after completion of these studies.
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Epigenetic, restenosis, vascular disease, photo-angioplasty
Eastern Health Clinical School
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Short projects
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Eastern Health Clinical School and ACBD, AMREP Facility (<10%)
Pavel Sluka

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