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Designing AI for aged care: how to increase trust and engagement with new technology

Are you interested in undertaking research that advances the wellbeing of older people? Do you wish to explore the role that technology—specifically AI—may play in empowerment in later life? This exciting project focuses on designing AI for aged care to increase trust and engagement in the technology. AI, if used responsibly, offers great potential in improving the quality of aged care. Yet, this potential will only be fulfilled if people trust the technology and those providing it. Since the majority of current AI research is data driven this includes user confidence in the way data is collected, secured and analysed, and confidence that it will benefit older Australians and the community as a whole, it is crucial that key stakeholders, particularly researchers, developers and end- users, collaborate in a co-design, user-centric process. This project will engage with stakeholders and end-users to examine their views and attitudes towards current and future AI technology as applied to aged care, aiming to fill in the gap between the promise of existing technologies and what end-users need. It will shed light on how AI may be designed and implemented to ensure that it is trusted by aged care residents and their families, health and aged-care professionals, and the public to address needs and aspirations of older people. Your role will be to design and undertake fundamental research on this topic, engage with relevant stakeholder communities, and contribute to communicating the findings to both scholars and the wider community. Through undertaking your PhD, you will have the opportunity to contribute to research of critical importance to the community; develop your professional networks, including with members of the Monash Data Futures Institute and our research partners at the University of Oxford and the University of Copenhagen; gain training in the use of different research methods; and be well positioned to build your career in a rapidly expanding field. This is an interdisciplinary project, supervised by a team comprising researchers from Sociology, IT and Medicine at Monash University. While the scholarship is not restricted to particular fields, we believe it is likely to be especially appealing to those with an interest in science and technology studies, sociology of health and medicine, psychology, sociology of ageing, and/or human-agent interactions. Prof Alan Petersen (Faculty of Arts) will be the main supervisor for this project. To apply, please enter an Expression of Interest via:
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AI, data science, ageing, aged care, co-design
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Clayton Campus
Alan Petersen
Barbara Barbosa Neves
Mor Vered

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