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A comparison of technology-integrated pedagogical approaches for immunology and pathology undergraduate teaching

Immunology and Human Pathology are dynamic disciplines, with many inter-disciplinary alignments --in content, techniques and toolboxes. Face-to-face teaching and learning for these disciplines therefore present multifaceted challenges as well as unique opportunities to explore new approaches. The immediate teaching and learning challenges relate to the unique discipline languages and the sheer volume of foundational content necessary for the development of an integrated understanding of the theory, and its practical applications. Since the COVID-19 pandemic precipitated remote engagement, students have become accustomed to technology-integrated learning and assessment approaches. This has resulted in a cultural shift in learning and assessment approaches. The cultural shift in student learning approaches is anticipated to persist even as students return to face-to-face learning; necessitating the adaptation to a new set of technology-integrated teaching tools in future teaching and learning strategies. The research project outlined is based on the hypothesis that: there has been a cultural shift in student learning necessitating the development and application of more technology-integrated teaching tools. The research project will assess previous student evaluation data of teaching approaches in Immunology and Human Pathology units. A range of student-centred, active learning approaches, previously field-tested in different Immunology or Human Pathology classrooms, including multimedia simulations, data logging tools and interactive technologies, will be researched. The outcomes will be utilized to inform the implementation of changes to learning and teaching approaches in these disciplines. The impact of the new approaches will be assessed both in terms of student performance and student perceptions about the impact of the new teaching approaches on their learning. Assessment of the approaches will utilize student learning outcomes as well as both written and oral feedback from students and teachers about their experiences. This will enable teachers to close the feedback loop with students regarding new pedagogical initiatives identified.
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immunology, human pathology, technology in education, undergraduate, education
Central Clinical School » Immunology and Pathology
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Robyn Slattery

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