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#cleaneating #detox: Assessing the quality of nutrition advice in popular social media trends

Social media has seen the proliferation of pages dedicated to health trends such as clean eating, fitspiration, paleo and detoxes. Some of these social media pages are developed by qualified experts. However many are created by celebrities or for-profit companies with a vested interest in promoting specific products or plans. This project aims to systematically review the content and health claims made by popular social media nutrition pages and content associated with popular health trends and hashtags. The student will first develop a sampling strategy for systematically selecting posts from popular social media tends. They will develop a framework by which to objectively analyse posts included in the sample. For example, this will include variables describing the source of posts, the evidence base for the information presented, the types of food mentioned, and follower reactions to the posts. They will conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of the post content.
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social media
Burnet Institute
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Masters by Research
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Burnet Institute
Megan Lim
Karen Klassen

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