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Brain-intestinal communication - how does your brain control fat levels?

Obesity is an enormous health concern, both in Australia and worldwide. Our laboratory recently published a function for the ETS-5 transcription factor in controlling fat levels (Juozaityte et al. PNAS 2017). This was also published on the front page of The Age newspaper. Part of the publication showed that ETS-5 acts from neurons in the brain to control intestinal fat levels. The project will be working alongside a postdoc to understand how this transcription factor controls fat levels. You would use reverse genetics, genetic crosses, behaviour assays and fat analysis. Only extremely dedicated and driven students with excellent oral and written communication skills should apply.
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Minimum entry requirements can be found here:
Brain, neuron, obesity, transcription factor, behaviour, Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology
Biomedicine Discovery Institute (School of Biomedical Sciences) » Anatomy and Developmental Biology
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Masters by research
Short projects
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Clayton Campus

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