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Baby Microbiome: Investigating the Human Neonatal Lung and Gut Microbiome and its Impact on Health Outcome.

The neonatal microbiome, in healthy full-term infants and in preterm infants presents with a highly dynamic nature. As such, the microbiome is extremely susceptible to external influences that can dramatically affect the short- and long-term health of the infant. In this project we set out to investigate the underlying mechanisms how the intestinal and pulmonary microbiome influences the neonatal immune system and thereby impacts disease outcome. In collaboration with Monash Children's we collect clinical data and samples from term and preterm infants. This project gives you the opportunity to closely work with clinical collaborators and also have the opportunity to gain experience in a diverse set of molecular techniques.
Essential criteria: 
Minimum entry requirements can be found here:
microbiome, immunology, intestine, lung,
School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health / Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Available options 
Masters by research
Time commitment 
Physical location 
Monash Health Translation Precinct (Monash Medical Centre)
Assoc Prof 
Claudia Nold
Samuel Foster

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