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Assessing knowledge, attitudes and practices of GPs towards work-related mental health conditions

In Australia, general practitioners see 97% of injured workers and thus play a pivotal role in directing the recovery and return to work journey for these patients. However, current practice is hampered by clinical uncertainties and system difficulties that GPs encounter in practice. A world-first national evidence-based clinical guideline on diagnosing and managing work-related mental health conditions in general practice has recently been published and is now being implemented. The Implementing work-related Mental health guidelines in general PRacticE (IMPRovE) NHMRC Partnership trial aims to implement the guideline in Australian general practice through a complex intervention involving academic detailing, resource provision and support through a digital community of practice. As a first step in this program of work, we aim to identify the current knowledge, attitudes and practices of GPs in the trial, with regards to caring for patients with work-related mental health conditions. The honours thesis will commence by undertaking a literature review of published studies reporting the knowledge, attitudes and practices of GPs in the use of mental health guidelines. Supported by a large team of staff, investigators and partners, the student will then move to survey GPs in the IMPRovE trial to ascertain their the current knowledge, attitudes and practices towards work-related mental health conditions. The findings from this study will inform the tailoring of interventions that will be delivered through the IMPRovE trial.
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mental health, primary care, health services, guideline implementation, general practice, implementation, health care, qualitative, trial, injury
School of Primary and Allied Health Care » General Practice
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Danielle Mazza

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