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Application of everday memory skills group to clinical practice in child brain injury

Project/ Study: The study was a clinical pilot of an evidence-based, manualised group program developed and evaluated to be effective in reducing everyday memory difficulties in children with ABI by Ho, Epps, Parry, Poole & Lah (2011). The original manual was reviewed by the authors, and updated for relevancy (to include use of electronic devices) and local content. Additionally, internal and external memory strategies and lifestyle education were added to the child group. A parent group was also included. Research Objectives: To examine: (i) feasibility (service utilisation & consumer satisfaction), dosage (attendance & homework completion), and (ii) efficacy in reducing everyday memory difficulties (child and parent memory and executive function/metacognition questionnaires), as well as strategy checklists and child goal attainment. Relevance to Clinical Practice: The group memory training program was demonstrated to be feasible within the clinical setting, supported by high attendance and satisfaction in a small group. Feedback received highlighted areas to modify for future groups – for example, retention of parent group, and need for follow-up session. Further evaluation is required to establish efficacy due to small sample size and which children or groups would benefit from the group the most, and which outcomes are most useful. Future evaluation should also incorporate secondary psychosocial and family benefits. Note: this project has collected data over 2 years. Further waves of data collection are possible. Current data is yet to be entered, screened/cleaned and anlaysed.
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rehabilitation, memory, cognition, brain injury, children, translation, neuropsychology
School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health / Hudson Institute of Medical Research
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Masters by research
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Monash Health Translation Precinct (Monash Medical Centre)
Suncicah Lah

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